[Collection] Visual mode

Jeremy avatarJeremy 2 years
{"ops":[{"insert":"With this proposed feature, users will be able to toggle between viewing their Card Collection page in text form (as it is now) or with card images already loaded. This has been suggested by users who wish to use the Collection page as a digital trade binder of sorts.\n\nIf this proposed feature is of interest to you, give the thread a thumbs-up and leave your thoughts below! User interest in each feature will help us prioritize in development.\n"}]}
DaveLists avatarDaveLists 2 years
{"ops":[{"insert":"If this ever does get implemented, I would just ask that you consider making the image view have a \"minimal\" mode where it only displays the images/prices, and the search bar up to, with no archidekt header or anything else in the way.\n\nI would absolutely use this as my first-stop trade binder, and with a 10\" tablet as the \"binder\" for people to look through, every millimeter of screen space is valuable.\n"}]}
Azorin avatarAzorin 2 years
{"ops":[{"insert":"even if it is slow to load at first would love to be able to show this off to people or as mentioned use it as a trade binder of sorts\n"}]}
Yakousei avatarYakousei 22 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"I'd love to see full-visual in deck view also. So that I could view and show my decks like this (instead of only the top part unless I hover over).\n"},{"insert":{"image":"https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/494342800330981377/965609916205252708/20211207_203051.jpg"}},{"insert":"\n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":"This seems like such a great idea!\n"}]}
Omegagiven avatarOmegagiven 2 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"I can see this very useful for stores to use this as well to keep stock and show off cards as well as decks and such so this would be very helpful.\n"}]}