gravecrawler abuse

butcher2062 avatarbutcher2062 12 months
{"ops":[{"attributes":{"color":"#111e2a"},"insert":"im building a mono black deck for fun comander and i have had this deck fro a while but it relies on gravecrawler way too much. im trying to find some redundancies so if gravecrawler or other combo parts gets exiled i have other options to fall back on or draw. im using cards like tormod the desicrator and open the graves with some recurring skelies but im sure theres better out there. im not woried about sac outlets other then phrexian alter. without that i cant go infinate. im not looking to change the deck too much i am simply trying to find ways to protect the combo and have replacements when i cant. im not too woried about price but i am still not going to put $100+ cards in the deck."},{"insert":"\n"}]}
John_Sherwood avatarJohn_Sherwood 12 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"Post a link and make sure the deck is public.\n"}]}